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Visa is a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency. Ciberdine is a registered Visa Developer and Visa Ready partner. Projects include Ticketing as a Service; Contactless EMV ticketing; Card tokenisation; Secure wearables; Biometric-based payments.

Mastercard logo 2 small.png

As a global payments company, Mastercard transforms the way we live through the power of a World Beyond Cash™. Ciberdine works with Mastercard on several ground-breaking projects: Secure wearables; Luxury wearables; Cashless payments; Mobile as a payment terminal.

NXP logo small.png

The world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure microelectronics, enabling a smarter world and advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. Joint projects include Secure Wearables; Luxury Wearables; Mass Transit Ticketing; Contactless payments.

Worldpay logo.png

The world's largest payments provider, Worldpay is uniquely equipped to power global integrated omni-commerce, processing more than 40 billion transactions annually through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies. Collaboration includes micropayments, mobile payments and Innovate UK projects.

DIT logo - detailed red bar png (2)

We are an active participant of the "Business is Great" programme operated by the Department for International Trade (DIT) of the UK Government. We were selected to join several DIT Overseas Trade Missions to China, India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, representing the best of British innovation.

and many others

Since 2014, we have been closely collaborating with other major players from several global industries: banking, payments, consumer electronics, luxury watches, luxury accessories, biometrics, blockchain, security, cryptography, public transport, sports, mass transit ticketing, as well as government organisations.

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