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Payments are at the core of every solution we offer. It's a compelling everyday use case that drives mass market adoption without borders.


Digital payments represent a strong global macro trend that reshapes and transforms many industries and many aspects of our daily lives.

Our solutions focus on several specific areas:


Digitising plastic cards and enabling game-changing use cases for public transport and event ticketing, as well as the next-generation wearables. Part of our blockchain strategy.

Smart device as a payment terminal

Redefining user experience in retail and enabling "Anyone A Merchant" paradigm shift, with support from Visa and Mastercard. This solution was piloted as part of the successful MAGIC project funded by Innovate UK, the innovations arm of the UK Government.


Creating new ”Blue Ocean” markets and transforming such global industries as advertising, media, gaming, loyalty, education, and charities. Part of the cashless society roadmap.

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