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MotoPay mod for Motorola moto z

Motorola' moto z family of smartphones allows customers to add new functionality to their phones and customise the experience by using moto mods accessories.

The current collection of moto mods includes stereo speaker, gamepad, camera, Polaroid printer, power pack and other exciting options.

With the game-changing MotoPay mod, US and European customers can easily add one more useful everyday function - secure payments. Simply snap on MotoPay mod onto a compatible moto z smartphone, download MotoPay app, and then securely link any of your debit and credit cards to MotoPay.


You can use digital version of those cards for convenient contactless payments at over 45 million locations worldwide. MotoPay supports all major global payment schemes - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and UnionPay. You can also apply for a MotoPay prepaid card in USD, EUR, GBP and several other currencies, including secure MotoPay virtual currency based on blockchain.


Payment transactions can be made and processed in any currency through the Dynamic Currency Conversion service. We can also process direct peer-to-peer financial transactions between MotoPay customers.

To learn more or to pre-order MotoPay mod, contact us at

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