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We have been leading the innovations in wearables since 2014.


The world's first smart travel wallet, supporting all transport protocols worldwide. Piloted by MultiPass in the UK.


The world's first connected watch, showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in partnership with the UK Government's Department for International Trade. We turned a $50 mechanical "Swatch" into a smart device with contactless EMV payments, transport ticketing, and access control functions, as well as smartphone connectivity over Bluetooth.


The world's first smart car key with payment functionality, developed in partnership with Porsche, Mastercard, Alfa-Bank and CardsMobile. The next-generation model, with full support of Apple Pay type tokenisation, is launching in early 2019.


The world's first luxury wearable platform with biometrics, supporting secure "any amount" contactless payments, transport ticketing, access control and FIDO2-compliant user authentication. Our platform partners include Porsche, Mastercard, NXP, as well as several global luxury brands.

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