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Through our participation in several groundbreaking projects, we have gained an extensive practical experience and built invaluable world-class expertise in all types of smart ticketing.


In 2014, we pioneered account-based ticketing (ABT) on rail in the UK. The world's first smart ticketing solution based on secure Bluetooth beacon technology was successfully piloted with Abellio Greater Anglia as part of the MultiPass project funded by the UK Government. 


In 2016, we led the development and successful implementation of the world's first multi-operator post-pay smart cloud ticketing for buses based on contactless EMV, with support from Visa and Mastercard. We pioneered the game-changing "Ticketing as a Service" and "Light Capex" business models which we are now taking to other regions of the world.

Event ticketing

Our solutions, based on secure tokenisation and contactless EMV, redefine and transform ticketing beyond public transport. We are working with event organisers and venue owners, leveraging our unique expertise, to disrupt the global event ticketing and hospitality industries. We enable innovative use cases to deliver unparalleled user experience and fully leverage the power of mobile and wearables.

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